How to talk about your disability | How to talk about your disability | Remploy

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Only talk about your disability in terms of its relevance to how it would affect the job. Don't go into personal detail. Always be positive about your disability and use it to provide evidence of the skills employers look for.

Emphasise positive achievements and give examples. You may have gained skills such as flexibility, determination, the ability to perform under pressure and creative problem solving as a result of your disability, and you shouldn't be afraid to use these as selling points.

Make a positive statement about your disability to remove any doubts an employer may have. Don't assume they’ll have a negative attitude. Your experiences and skills may give you the edge over other candidates.

Avoid focusing the whole of your application or interview on the issue of your disability. Your main focus should be on showing the employer your suitability for the job.

Reasons For Not Disclosing

You may feel that you will be discriminated against and therefore rejected by an employer. You may not want to discuss your disability with a stranger or you may feel that your disability has no direct effect on your ability to do the job.

It may not be appropriate or necessary to divulge your disability if you feel that it does not affect your ability to do the job.

Speak to one of our online advisors about whether, when and how to tell an employer about your disability. 

You could also watch our short video guide on disability disclosure.