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Disability and disclosure

It's quite worrying talking to people about your disability. You may want to tell your employer how it will affect you doing your job or you may want to talk to friends at work about why you need support. Find out more about talking about your disability.

How to talk about your disability

Choosing the right time and the right words are important when talking about your disability. You want to be positive about what you can do.  Find out how to talk about your disability.

Your rights around disability

In 2010 the Equality Act brought together all of the existing regulations to protect against discrimination. This is now the main law relating to disability. It provides the right to not be disadvantaged or treated badly at work or in education because of your disability. Make sure you know your rights around disability.

Support in the workplace

There are different types of support available for you once you are in work. These adjustments don't mean you're receiving preferential treatment, they allow you to overcome difficulties others don't have to deal with. Find out more about what support is available in the workplace.

When to talk about your disability

It's important to pick the right time to talk about your disability. Get some advice on when to talk about your disability.

Words you might find when job searching

Use the A - Z of records or the search field to find more information on words you might come across when job searching.