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What happens next?

Once the interviews are finished the employer will think about each candidate and who will suit the job and their organisation best, once they have decided who they think is best they will contact them to offer the role before notifying any unsuccessful applicants.

What happens if you don’t get the job?

Unfortunately not everyone will be successful when they apply for a job. Being rejected after a job interview can severely affect your confidence. Many people dwell on being turned down, often forgetting the bigger picture. Rejection, while not pleasant, can often be blown out of proportion and viewed as a sign of failure.

However, by thinking objectively you can use it to build on your core strengths, address development points and find a job that suits you best.

You should feel as though you have learned something through the interview process. We all learn from our experiences, and interviewing is no different.

Ask for feedback on your interview so you can build on your skills in these areas ready for your next interview. Instead of dwelling on your disappointment, keep your mind focused on other opportunities and continue to present yourself to the best of your ability.

In many cases, there will only be one role available and a lot of suitable candidates will have applied for the role, each with strong skills and experiences. Sometimes there will be an outstanding applicant who is offered the job. No matter how well you interviewed this person came across as a clear favourite and was selected for the job. You might have been a close second when the decision was made and this is one of the reasons it is important to seek feedback following an interview so that you can assess your own performance and work out what you can do better next time.

If the interviewer says you did a great interview and they would have been more than happy to employ you then there's no need to change much for your next interview. It just means that on this occasion, somebody else performed slightly better, or was just better suited to the role.

Sometimes an employer will be looking for someone with very specific skills, not necessarily the person with the greatest level of experience. At other times, they may have somebody in mind before the interview process begins particularly if internal candidates have applied for the job. On some occasions decisions on who gets the job may just be a matter of who clicks best with the interviewer, whether their personalities are similar or they have shared interests. In such situations, it may not always be the best candidate on paper who gets the job, or even the person who delivers the best answers to the interview questions.

Take a look at our short video guide on handling setbacks.

Just because you were not offered an interview or were successful in getting the job doesn’t mean that you won’t be next time.

Keep positive and keep going

If you are feeling low or want some help bouncing back talk to one of our online advisors who will be happy to talk through your experience and suggest ways we can help you be successful at your next interview. 

If you get the job

Congratulations. Take a look at how to plan for your first day at work and our In work section.