Practicing for an interview | Practicing for an interview | Remploy

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Interviews are situations for you to show your talents.

Before your interview make sure you practice the following:

  • Listing your skills and giving examples of how you have used them.
  • Talking about previous jobs or experiences, your duties and responsibilities.
  • Talking about your hobbies, interests and any activities you take part in.
  • Talking about situations related the job, where you will demonstrate the skills you have and your personal characteristics, such as motivation.
  • Rehearse your answers. Ask a friend or family member to help if you can.
  • Say your answers out loud, not just in your head.

A good way to practice your interview skills is by booking a mock interview with one of our online advisors. 

Request a mock interview here.

Using a webcam you will be able to have a face to face practice interview and get valuable feedback that will help you when it comes to the real thing.