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What to expect at an interview

It's really great news if you get an interview.  This means that the employer liked your application and now wants to meet you to see if your suitable for the job. We want to make sure you know what to expect at an interview.

Types of interview

There are different ways that an employer can interview you. They can be informal like a chat over a cup of coffee or more formal any you may have to do some tests.  To make sure there are no surprises find out what types of interview there are.

Preparing for an interview

An employer will expect you to have done some finding out before you go for your interview. There are some things you can prepare by reading about the company and thinking about what questions you want to ask them. Find out more about preparing for an interview.

Practicing for an interview

After the interview

If you get the job that's great. But if you don't there are other things you can do to help you for the next one. Make sure you know what happens after the interview.

Words you might find when job searching

Use the A - Z of records or the search field to find more information on words you might come across when job searching.