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A speculative letter is used to write to employers asking if they have any vacancies. This type of letter is referred to as a ‘speculative letter’ or ‘spec letter’.  By sending an employer your CV and a speculative letter you could be lucky and send in a letter just as a suitable position becomes available, or the company may keep you on file and consider you for future vacancies. 

Applying for jobs in this way can be frustrating as some employers do not reply. This can be disheartening but if you have the time and the energy to target employers by sending them a speculative letter, you will increase your chances of success. Here are some useful tips:

  • You should try and avoid beginning the letter ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. Phone the company and ask the name of the person who deals with recruitment.
  • Your letter should be used to enquire about job opportunities.  Tell them briefly about your current position and what kind of work you’re looking for. Give an overview of the key skills you have, backed up with examples of when you have displayed those skills. Mention any relevant work experience and any achievements in that role. 
  • Offer a brief snapshot of what interests you about the company.  You will need to do your research first. Get on the internet, read every page of the company’s website, learn everything you can about the organisation. Then explain in your letter what has motivated you to send the letter to them. 
  • End your cover letter on a positive note: “I’m looking forward to your reply”, you could even say “I will call you next week to discuss this further”.