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Job searching online

The internet and online job hunting has transformed the way we look for jobs, making searches quicker, easier and often a lot wider. Find out more information about how to search for jobs online.

Words you might find when job searching

Use the A - Z of records or the search field to find more information on words you might come across when job searching.

Job searching offline

You can use traditional methods of job searching, such as newspapers and trade journals to find a job. Find more about where you should be looking for jobs.

Understanding job adverts

Job adverts set out what skills you will need to do the job. Some adverts are written well and have lots of information while others can seem vague. Watch our video and find out more information on how to understand job adverts.

Applying for jobs

There are different ways of applying for jobs which may need a CV, cover letter or online application form. Find out more information on how to apply for jobs.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies work with employers to find people suitable for their jobs. Find out how recruitment agencies work.