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Understanding your skills and abilities

Before you start to apply for jobs, you need to think about the skills and abilities you have that will help you to get and keep the type of job you want. Find more information about how to make the most of your skills and abilities.

Ability Profiler skills checker

Take our Ability Profiler skills checker to find out more about your skills and abilities. The results will help us to understand what support and development you need to get the best results possible.

Transferable skills

There are many skills you have which you have learnt over the years that can be used no matter what job you do. Find out how to recognise your transferable skills.

Digital skills

Digital Skills are vital these days for searching and applying for jobs and they can really help with other areas in your life. They can make it easier to handle your finances, get health advice, do online banking keep in touch with your family by using social media.

Words you might find when job searching

Use the A - Z of records or the search field to find more information on words you might come across when job searching.