Katy's job success at Sainsbury's | Katy's job success at Sainsbury's | Remploy

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Katy's job success at Sainsburys

 “Remploy gave me the confidence to go for this job.”

Thirteen job seekers in the West Midlands are back in work thanks to a partnership between Sainsbury’s new flagship store in Longbridge and Remploy.  

Thirty-two-year-old Katy Poacher from Yardley is one of the lucky 13. Her life has been transformed since she secured a job as a clothing sales assistant at the new store, which opened in summer 2013.

Katy, who has Down’s syndrome, received tailored support from Remploy’s Yardley branch when she left her last job as a care home ssistant.

“Everyone at the branch was so helpful,” she said. “They gave me the confidence to go for this job, which I really love. I wasn’t very happy at my last job, but I’m a different person now. I’m much stronger and much happier.”

Su Tranter, Sainsbury’s HR manager at the store, said the partnership with Remploy has helped create a diverse workforce. “I’m passionate about working with Remploy because I know they will always provide motivated candidates to fill our vacancies.

“As a result of the partnership, 13 people who were finding it difficult to get back into work, either because of a disability or health condition or because they had been long-term unemployed, now have real jobs. They are delighted and so am I.”

Nationally, Remploy’s partnership with Sainsbury’s has helped more than 2,000 disabled and disadvantaged people in to work with the retail giant.

Jacki Connor, Sainsbury’s director of HR, Retail and Logistics, said: “Creating jobs and being a great place to work is central to our values as a company and our work with Remploy is a big part of this. I know from visiting stores and meeting colleagues everyday that those recruited
through Remploy are passionate about working as a team and delivering great services to customers.”

Beth Carruthers, Remploy’s chief executive, added: “Our partnership with Sainsbury’s has been an outstanding success in supporting into work people like Katy who face significant barriers in their lives.”

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