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David Wakefield, Samantha Boyes, Daniel Harvey - Trio check in with Asda

David, Daniel and Samantha - all have started new careers in retailing thanks to Remploy and Asda

Three disabled people from the North East have just started new careers in retailing, thanks to a unique partnership between Asda and Remploy, the UK’s leading provider of specialist employment services for people who experience complex barriers to work.

David Wakefield, Samantha Boyes and Daniel Harvey each worked with Remploy at its specialist employment services branch in Sunderland to improve their job prospects – and the result is that each is now working at Asda in Seaham, one of the busiest superstores in the region. 

David, who’s 45, has severe arthritis and used to work in textiles, but his progressive disability meant he could no longer do the physical work expected of him. “I found it virtually impossible to get work – too many employers saw my arthritis as a reason not to give me a job,” he said. 

“However, I called in to Remploy’s branch on John Street in Sunderland on the off-chance they might help, and walked out with a job interview!”

Remploy helped David with his job application and helped him understand the kind of questions Asda would ask. 

Nineteen-year-old Samantha had been out of work for six months, citing her dyslexia and epilepsy as barriers to getting another job. Referred to Remploy by her local Jobcentre Plus office, Sam was impressed with the speed of service. “Remploy talked to me about the kind of work that would interest me, and working in a busy retail environment was top of my list!” 

And 21-year-old Daniel Harvey, who has muscular dystrophy and arthritis, was looking for his first ever job when, again, staff at Jobcentre Plus suggested he would benefit from Remploy’s specialist support and knowledge. Having left college almost three years ago, Daniel was increasingly frustrated at spending most of his days at home. 

“Having a job has really increased my self confidence and given me the independence I yearned for,” said Daniel. “It also means I am earning a wage, and the benefits of that are considerable!”

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