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Bens a buddy at Mcdonalds

“It’s all about learning new skills and developing myself” 

When unemployed 21-year-old Ben Jones moved to Sunderland, he discovered that Remploy’s range of services were just right for him – he has dyslexia and needed support with his CV and other job preparation skills.

Ben found that many employers were unwilling to see beyond his disability and give him a chance, and so his experience of being interviewed was limited.

That’s where Remploy stepped in with a specially tailored programme of training to equip him with the techniques he would need to be considered for employment.

Whilst searching for a job, Ben saw a vacancy at the McDonald’s restaurant in the city. He applied, was interviewed by franchisee J M Partners Ltd, and delighted when he was appointed shortly afterwards. It brought renewed pride and self-confidence, and lined his pocket with his first ever wage, which to Ben, meant independence.

“I now work in the kitchen preparing food, but would like to join the counter team soon so that I can serve customers,” he said.

It’s an aspiration he could achieve quite quickly as already he’s been recognised for his talents and hard work. Ben is now a staff trainer – known by his colleagues as a ‘buddy’ – and helps new employees settle in and become familiar with McDonald’s processes.

“Having a job is really important to me,” added Ben. “It’s not just about the money either. It’s about learning new skills and developing myself. With McDonald’s support, that’s just what I am doing.”

J M Partners Ltd operates a number of McDonald’s restaurants in the North East. Ben’s success means that Remploy is establishing a strong relationship with the company and other candidates will be considered for future vacancies.

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