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Scott Angle - Scott achieves a long held ambition

Scott is developing a web-based business and enjoying his hobby at the same time.

The Remploy Enterprise Development Programme (EDP) supports candidates with a disability, long-term health condition or significant disadvantage in the labour market to explore self-employment as a potential route into meaningful and sustainable work.

Scott Angle was referred to the EDP in November 2012. He wanted to set up his own business but had been unable to find the right support. The EDP recognised his need for re-assurance and support and he was seen twice weekly on a regular basis to develop a credible action plan.

Scott has severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and needed assistance with keeping on task and recognising his propensity for intensity on occasions. He also needed to identify a separate place to work away from daily household distractions where he could concentrate on his business development activities.

The programme bought him a year’s membership at Antenna Media Centre in Nottingham where he can work on developing his website in comfortable surroundings with many like-minded people and access to free ultra-speed broadband.

The EDP was able to secure a ‘loan’ laptop for Scott to develop website until his request for support from Access to Work application was successful.

Scott is also being ‘mentored’ by another successful Remploy candidate who is independent and a critical friend. As a fellow user of Antenna this relationship is valued by each party. He has also received advice about benefits to which he may be entitled.

He is developing a web-based community of extreme sports enthusiasts. Based on the model of ‘the power of pull’, the community will eventually take ownership of the site and it will become sustainable via advertising and merchandising. He is now beta-testing his website and attracting initial advertisers. 

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