New job is life-changing for David | New job is life-changing for David | Remploy

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“I learned so much on the Marks & Start scheme”

Armed forces veteran David Parker turned to Remploy for support when his extreme anxiety and loss of confidence prevented him from making a fresh start and finding employment in civvy street.

David’s condition, triggered by post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), also caused him to stammer in difficult and stressful situations. 
The 28-year-old from Glasgow was referred to Remploy’s branch in the city where he received tailored support with job searching, including confidence building and help creating a standout CV that highlighted his skills to potential employers. 
The support paid off when he secured a work placement on the Marks & Start scheme, M&S’s community programme that provides access to employment for lone parents, homeless, disabled and young and long-term unemployed people. 
And not long after successfully completing the placement, David accepted an offer of a permanent job as a customer service assistant in the busy food hall at M&S’s Silverburn store in Glasgow. 
“This has been life changing for me,” he said. “I learned so much on the Marks & Start scheme, which gave me valuable experience of the retail world. Now that I have a permanent job at M&S the future is so much brighter and I feel I can start making plans again.”  added David: “without Remploy’s support, I’m not sure I would be where I am today. 
Employers were overlooking me because of my condition and my own lack of confidence hindered my job search, which fed my depression and stress.I felt I was in a vicious circle and was only able to break out when Remploy and M&S showed faith in me. I now feel comfortable in my own skin again, much more like the old me.”
Betty Niven, recruitment coordinator at M&S’s Silverburn store said: “I’m delighted for David, who is proving a hard working and popular colleague. At M&S we look beyond disability and focus on a person’s ability. Our Marks & Start programme offers a chance for candidates to move back into a work environment and, in many cases, a route into permanent work – either with us or other employers.”
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