Award winning James can smile again | Award winning James can smile again | Remploy

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Award winning James can smile again

“The support I received from Remploy made all the difference”

When James Beswick was made redundant in June 2009 after 12 years in the same job, his confidence took a jolt.

James, who has learning difficulties, worried that employers might not be able to see beyond his disability. However, thanks to support from Remploy, the 32-year-old from Kingswinford in the West Midlands was back in work within weeks.

Sue Edwards, Remploy’s development services employment advisor in north Staffordshire, takes up the story. “I knew James very well, having provided support for him in his previous job. Unemployment was a shock for him, as it would be for anyone. But he is a very capable and enthusiastic worker, who simply needed some help with his CV and other job preparation skills.”

James was taken on a work trial at ASDA in nearby Brierley Hill and made such a good impression that he was quickly offered a permanent role as a general assistant in the grocery department. “From the start, he showed that he really wanted to work,” said Wendy Maynes, People Service Manager at the store. “His attitude is first class and he has already won several customer service awards.”

James, who is so enthusiastic about all things ASDA that he used a recent holiday in the USA to visit supermarkets run by parent company Wal-Mart, has adapted well to his new job.

“I was concerned that I would never find another job,” he said. “And having to apply for jobs and going for interviews was nerve wracking. But the support I received from Remploy made all the difference. Now I’m happy again, helping customers and getting on with my colleagues.”

Wendy Maynes added: “Working with Remploy has been a positive experience. Sue Edwards has provided support for James at every step and even now still calls to check on his progress”.

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