Blake drives his new career with McDonald’s | Blake drives his new career with McDonald’s | Remploy

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Employment, jobs, education, Remploy, Disability, opportunities, support, help, Birmingham, Learning disability, McDonald’sBlake Goode found leaving college and finding a job difficult. Now he’s enjoying success as a crew member with Mcdonald’s in Yenton, working on the drive through, among other duties. 
Blake who is 23 and lives with his parents and younger brother in Stetchford, Birmingham is part of Project Dynamo, an innovative programme delivered in partnership between McDonald’s and Remploy, the disability employment specialists. 
Project Dynamo aims to increase the employment rate of people with learning disabilities, which at just 6 per cent is the lowest rate of employment among all disabled people. 
Blake, who has a learning disability, said: “Working has changed my life! I was unemployed for a year and a half after I left college, it was really tough because I made lots of friends while I was there but lost touch with them after. Getting a job has helped me to socialise again and I have so much more confidence than I did.  I work on the drive through as well as front of house, serving food to customers and welcoming them.”
Remploy experts deliver specialist learning disability training to existing McDonald’s staff, developing their disability-related skills and enabling them to take on a job coach role to support individuals with a learning disability.
Providing support from an internal job coach who really understands the business enables someone with a learning disability to settle quicker and also adds new skills to the workforce, creating a more inclusive working environment.
Ryan Seymour, Blake’s Job Coach at McDonald’s Yenton said: “Blake’s always wanting to learn and improve. I feel very proud  of what he’s achieved and I’m glad he’s picked up the role so quickly and fits into the team really well. I’m very happy to coach Blake and feel like it has been a valuable experience for me too.”
Blake added: “I am enjoying more recognition and being given the opportunity to succeed in life. I have been given great support from Ryan who now knows my strengths and weaknesses, so he can help me to develop. I don’t see any limits now and would encourage people in my position not to give up on their dreams. Anything is possible, with or without a disability!”
Chelsea Moore, Blake’s Remploy Employment Adviser said: “Blake is a friendly and outgoing young gentleman who always went above and beyond for others. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Blake throughout his journey in finding employment. Project Dynamo was a key part of his journey and enabled Blake to grow as a person and for him to gain some valuable experience for his future. Blake was over the moon when he was offered paid employment with McDonald's and has continued to grow with the brilliant support of all the staff at McDonald's.”