John brews up success with Remploy | John brews up success with Remploy | Remploy

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Man working in Costa Coffee shop holding a tray of coffees“The John we have now is very smiley, chatty and is a whiz on the till”

John White’s life was so affected by his anxiety that he couldn’t go out with friends. “I would constantly be over-thinking every situation. It was not knowing what might happen when I left the house that made me feel very anxious,” he said.

But that all changed when after receiving support from disability employment specialists Remploy, he secured a job in the Costa Coffee shop at the Premier Inn, in Argyle Street, Glasgow.

The 19-year-old from Parkhead, Glasgow had not worked since leaving college when he was introduced to Remp[oy by Skills Development Scotland and took the first steps to managing his anxiety and gaining employment.

After completing a Certificate of Work Readiness, John joined a placement at the Premier Inn. He was initially looking for a backroom job but was placed in a customer-facing role within the Costa coffee shop at the Premier Inn.

At first he was nervous, but “I’m getting better at dealing with when the shop is busy and I am now of the mind-set that whatever happens, happens.”

 “Remploy has helped with my anxiety too. Just the simple act of getting up and ready and coming to workshops at the Glasgow branch helped me as that meant that I was going out every week.”

Chris Walker, manager at Costa Coffee said: “John started with us in the middle of what is one of the busiest seasons of the year. After a few weeks and the end of the Christmas period, he was a completely different person to the shy quiet young man who joined us in December.”

“The John we have now is very smiley, chatty, and is a whiz on the till. He is never afraid to ask questions, take feedback or actively take on the challenge of dealing with busy Monday morning customers.”

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