Pauline from Nottingham, works for a local authority | Pauline's story | Remploy

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Pauline from Nottingham, works for a local authority

I have had issues with self-worth since I was a child, and I have suffered from depression and anxiety for six years.

In January 2015 I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and I started self-harming when things became difficult at work. My working environment changed and work pressures increased, which led to daily struggles in and out of work. Work decided to make some changes to ease my struggles, but these changes were isolating and detrimental to my self-esteem.

I was spoken to negatively by both management and my colleagues, and work became unbearable. I contacted Remploy for support as I was about to give up. I needed someone to help my employers understand that their actions were having a negative effect on both my work and home life.

I met my case worker from Remploy who reassured me that I was not alone. Remploy arranged to meet my employer to discuss my needs and instantly gave me reassurance that positive changes could be made. Whilst meetings were uncomfortable at times, Remploy encouraged my employer to listen and increased my confidence to enable me to discuss my needs.

Access to Work paid for private counselling sessions and recommended courses to improve management of my mental health. Whilst things at work still aren't perfect, Remploy became a lifesaver as I was certain that I was about to lose my job.

Through a variety of support mechanisms and regular phone calls with my case worker, Remploy got me out of a sticky patch and I'm now starting to re-build my career.

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