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Ruth robertson hamilton anxiety online

“They are incredibly useful and are a great way to develop your skills.”

Ruth Robertson, aged 48 from Hamilton, has anxiety and prefers to use Remploy’s online services than travel to the recruitment branch in the town “because I can do things in my own time.”

She says that using the online services to prepare for job interviews from the comfort of her home is key to being able to manage her anxiety.

“The online services are very easy to use in terms of usability and accessibility. They are incredibly useful for others like myself and are a great way to develop your skills too.”

Ruth has been receiving support from online advisors and has taken part in mock interviews and workshops which are available online which had “helped to boost my confidence and give me the skills and confidence to tackle things.”

“The i-advisor service is very useful. Advisors help you there and then without the need for an appointment. I also did a few of the quizzes and put myself through a mock interview.”

Ruth explained that being able to access employment advice at home helps her to streamline her job searching without the anxiety or distractions that being out in public can often bring.

Ruth is currently looking for work and is also volunteering in a local charity shop to keep her busy and build up her work experience. Ideally, Ruth would love to work in retail or with animals.

Remploy Hamilton Branch Manager Liz Roberts said: “Not every customer has the same needs, expectations or requirements from the employment services we provide and it is important that we cater to all customers.

“So Ruth has been accessing our online services and is aware that she has the services of the branch at her disposal if she wishes.”

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