Retail career takes off for Chantelle | Retail career takes off for Chantelle | Remploy

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Chantelle newton

“We know it won’t be long before she earns the title of store manager.”

When Tynesider Chantelle Newton, who has dyslexia, hit the Remploy headlines several years ago, it was not only that she landed her first full-time job. She also helped Remploy mark a major milestone by being the 100th disabled person to be supported into work by the company’s new Newcastle upon Tyne branch.

More than five years later and it’s all change – not only is Chantelle now one of more than 100,000 people to have been supported into work by Remploy nationally between 2010 and 2015, she’s also just about to move jobs from Poundland to a different retailer so that she can climb another rung of her own career ladder.

“Working for Poundland has been a really great experience, and I will be sad to leave,” said Chantelle. “However, my progress is testimony to them constantly encouraging me, and to the support I’ve received from Remploy. I’ve just been appointed a retailer supervisor at a local homewares store, and I’m really looking forward to some new challenges.”

In 2010 and aged just 19, Chantelle already had retail experience but she found it almost impossible to convince employers to give her the chance to prove herself. When she was referred to Remploy for specialist support, her employment advisors showed her how to prepare for job interviews, and how to impress whilst being interviewed. Her confidence rocketed when she was appointed as a general assistant at Poundland.

“I’m proud of the progress I’ve made there,” added Chantelle, now 25. “I learnt new skills, and I discovered new ways to ensure my dyslexia did not stand between me and my job. Now it’s time to move on, but I will keep in touch with all the friends I made there, just as I do with the team at Remploy.”

“We’ve kept a keen eye on Chantelle’s progress and we’re all delighted she is being so successful,” added Kay Harrington-Kemper, Remploy’s business manager in Newcastle. “Five years ago she was determined to do well and she has. We look forward to hearing of her continued success, and we know it won’t be long before she earns the title of store manager – that’s her aim and we know she’ll make it!”

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