Scott keeps callers calm in a crisis | Scott keeps callers calm in a crisis | Remploy

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Scott keeps callers calm in crisis

Finding work was a life saver for Scott Corden – now he’s in a life saving role himself!

Following years of acute insomnia panic and anxiety attacks that eventually forced him to resign from his job, Scott faced a year of unemployment. However, he now is back in work, and cites employment as the main reason why he’s made such a remarkable recovery. His reassuring response and commonsense are the qualities that mark him out from the crowd, and why he is now considered to be one of Nottingham’s top performers in answering emergency 999 calls from those facing a crisis.

“I was out of work and claiming benefits, but I was determined to make the best use of my time by attending every training course I could and gaining as many qualifications as possible,” Scott said. Armed with a certificate in call centre techniques, he approached Remploy to enquire about job vacancies. Straightaway, Remploy knew he would be an ideal candidate for Manpower, the company that provides staff for BT’s Castle Wharf call centre in Nottingham city centre, and soon persuaded them they should meet Scott.

Scott attended a rigorous interview and was delighted to accept the resulting job offer. Since then he has successfully completed more courses with his employer and has already been featured in a training DVD and a magazine story!

“I need to remain calm and help people understand how we can best respond to their emergencies,” added Scott.

“Having this job is like being reborn – a couple of years ago I began to think I would never work again but I am proof that with self motivation, the support of BT and Manpower and the assistance of Remploy, anything is possible.”

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