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Clark's on call for customers

After claiming benefits for seven years, Clark Forsyth despaired of finding a fulfilling role. With the support of Remploy, he's back in employment.

Clark, who is 34 and from Barrhead in Glasgow, had an accident in 1999 which resulted in arthrofibrosis of his right knee. He walks with crutches and is sight impaired following two cornea transplants. After struggling in previous roles, Clark was forced to claim incapacity benefit while he recuperated from treatment for his conditions.

Clark feared that his disability would be a barrier to him returning to work, but a website article about Remploy led him to his local Jobcentre Plus and a subsequent referral to Remploy.

By enabling Clark to rebuild his confidence and recommending him for a vacancy with Manpower, which staffs BT's customer service centres, Remploy soon supported Clark into a customer service advisor role.

"It's great to be out and about again, meeting new people," said Clarke, "and I can't thank Remploy enough for the initial and ongoing support given to me.

"I recently had a concern with my seating area but Remploy soon sorted it out with my manager. I'm aiming to progress to a team leader role in the future and would encourage anyone in my position to see how Remploy can help them."

Since joining Manpower at BT's Atlantic Quay service centre in Glasgow in May 2006, Clark has now undergone specialist training to provide operator assistance and respond to 999 emergency calls.