Patricia's deli job is hot stuff | Patricia's deli job is hot stuff | Remploy

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Patricia - Patricia's deli job is hot stuff

After six years of unemployment, Patricia is finding ‘every little helps' now she's found work at Tesco's Roborough store with support from Remploy.

Patricia injured her back and right leg in an accident in 2001 which left her unable to work and receiving incapacity benefits. Now she's settled into her job as a hot deli assistant, working three days a week.

"I attended a two week key skills course at Remploy's Plymouth branch which brought back my confidence and helped me apply for jobs I was interested in."

Patricia had most recently worked as a cleaner but also had some retail experience so she applied for vacancies in local supermarkets and was thrilled to get two interviews in a matter of weeks. She was offered the tasty job behind the hot deli counter, serving customers, cooking and preparing meat and keeping the area clean and safe.

"I love serving customers, you get to know the regulars and can have a joke with them," she said. "They all know me by name from my badge. Tesco is a great company to work for, the managers really care about the team and I always know someone can help if I have a problem. They even helped me find the right safety shoes to fit my small size feet."

She added: "The service provided by Remploy was brilliant, I can't fault it. The Plymouth team were helpful and friendly and it didn't take me long to find a job I really enjoy."

Tesco Roborough's counters manager Alison Lake said: "I was impressed with how well Remploy had prepared Patricia for her interview. She has settled into the job now and gets on brilliantly with the customers, always taking time to chat with them. She's a lovely lady."

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