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Dot Thomas - Bt George Dot's got it

After being unemployed for 17 years, Dot Thomas couldn't be more pleased to be back at work.

Dot Thomas, 36, has epilepsy and has brought up three children at her Cardiff home. But she longed to find a job, and with help from Remploy she has finally done it. She now works in the George clothing section of Asda's Pontprennau store.

Dot explained: "As my children got older I realised that I wanted to work again, but after being unemployed for so long I just didn't know where to start."

Working with Remploy's team of specialist employment advisors, Dot was helped with her CV, job searches and also underwent a variety of exercises to help increase her confidence. After discussing the various employment options with the Remploy team, she decided to pursue a career within the retail sector.

She said: "Remploy was great. After working with the team I felt ready to step back into work and my advisor helped secure a job taster at Asda so that I could make sure it was the right career choice." 

Dot worked as an assistant within the George clothing section, helping customers with queries and requests and was then offered a permanent job. 

Dot added: "Having epilepsy and being out of work for so long, I just didn't think I would get a job easily. However working with Remploy I have now found a new lease of life - I really enjoy meeting new people and my colleagues are just lovely - it's so nice to feel part of a team again." 

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