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“I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about the course. I found it very insightful to me and how I ‘bounce back’ and how I can be perceived by others. It made me step back and try and evaluate different situations.” Branch Manager, Nov 2014

Course content

People respond to life and work events differently. If you can respond in a positive way to a challenging situation then essentially you feel better about it. In turn these positive feelings and emotions benefit both your physical and psychological health.

The good news is that while we all have a level of personal resilience - or ability to deal positively with challenges, built from our own personal characteristics - there are skills and tools that can be learned to boost our resilience. Ultimately, this helps us bounce back and maintain wellbeing and work performance when under pressure.

Learner outcomes

  • Being able to define resilience in their own words and understand why it is important
  • Recognising the relationship between pressure and stress as well as their own physical, emotional, behavioural and cognitive symptoms of stress
  • Learning the key ingredients for resilience
  • Determining areas for development in their own personal resilience
  • Challenging negative thinking patterns
  • Identifying their social support network and where support may need strengthening
  • Pinpointing key lifestyle factors which impact on their natural level of resilience.
  • All delegates will receive a comprehensive workbook


£640 + VAT per half day course for up to 12 delegates

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