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Improve disability confidence across your organisation with our Disability guide.

There are over six million disabled people of working age in the UK. And, this figure is growing due to an ageing population. So, just how well equipped is your organisation to support disabled colleagues?

Our Disability guide provides you with quick reference to the most common disabilities and long-term conditions, including learning disabilities, mental health conditions, physical disabilities, neurological conditions and sensory impairments.

It includes information on various aspects of each disability with simple hints and tips on what adjustments may be appropriate in different circumstances; enabling you to effectively support disabled colleagues and create a workforce which is truly disability confident.

This guide is available in a range of options, including printed and electronic and there are four options for you to chose from:

  • Off the shelf Disability guide with no changes required
  • Dual branded Disability guide - your company logo can be added to the front/back cover, including any images to fit with the existing design on the cover, plus add an introduction from your organisation on the inside front cover. 
  • Fully branded customer Disability guide - Cover section can be redesigned to your company's branding/imagery. Remploy logo and credit minimised to the back cover only.  
  • Completely bespoke customer Disability guide -  Flexibility to alter the format, adding/removing content or commissioning new content for different conditions/disabilities.
View a printable sample of our Disability Guide here.

Please contact us to discuss what is best for your business.