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Products and services for your customers

Whether you are looking for a bespoke service or an off the shelf product we have a solution to meet the needs of your customers, your team and your organisation.

We can offer embedding advisors to work with your customers or carry out training for your staff.  Take a look at what services and support are available.

Triage, employment and personal budgetary support

We work with all individuals – not just those with disabilities – to look at their personal circumstances to find out what challenges they are facing and help that might be required to overcome these. This could include support to find a job, training and educational needs, help to manage their money and ensuring that they are claiming all of the benefits that they are entitled to. We will put together an action plan for each individual and make sure that the support they need is put into place.

Personal budgeting support helps people – in particular those claiming universal credit and receiving money on a monthly basis – to continue to manage their money in the long term. People in employment will have a higher income than those out of work and claiming benefits, so are in a better position to pay their council tax and rent.

Traineeships and supported internships

We know that for some employers, recruiting a disabled individual can sometimes be a daunting prospect. That’s where our expert support and guidance comes in.
Traineeships and supported internships offer you the opportunity to shape young disabled peoples’ training and experience, so that they can become a valuable part of your future workforce through an apprenticeship or direct employment. These programmes raise a disabled person’s career aspirations, employability skills and experiences by giving them real knowledge of work, backed up by training and employment support while working for you. 

Just a few of the benefits include:

  • Interns can prove to be a valuable additional staffing resource at little or no extra cost
  • Specialist support provided by us means that the interns are not an added management responsibility
  • Working alongside the interns brings an organisation’s equality and diversity training to life
  • Integrating the interns into the workforce brings teams together and boosts morale.

Embedded advisors

Embedded advisors are an extension of your own staff: specialist Remploy advisors work from your offices and sites to provide expert employment support to your customers. They can be commissioned as part of a wider package, or as a stand alone service.  

Our embedded advisors work closely with your staff to provide advice and information to your customers, while also upskilling them – so that they can become your disability champions and ultimately be able to support your customers independently.  
Acting as a bridge between your customers and a huge array of our services, such as ability profiler, personal budgetary support, access to branch network support and jobs that are exclusively for Remploy registered candidates, embedded advisors can help to improve the employability of your customers, and realise tangible outcomes for you. 
They can work on-site with you for as much or as little as you need, from a few hours a week, to full-time. 

Mental health support training

Local authorities play a critical role in supporting people who are claiming Universal Credit. People moving onto Universal Credit will have to adjust to a new way of claiming their benefits, including payments being on a monthly basis and money for rent being paid directly to them, not their landlord. For some, managing a larger amount of money at once might be difficult – which might result in non-payment of rent or Council Tax. 

Mental health support training is designed to help people who are claiming Universal Credit and are looking for work to build confidence and self esteem, so that they are able to recognise the skills and abilities they have to offer and apply for work.  

The training is tailored to the needs of people taking part, but can be split into three distinct groups: 
  • Course 1 – for those closest to employment
  • Course 2 – looking for employment
  • Course 3 – for those furthest from employment;

All courses run for four weeks.

Individual placement support (IPS)

Employment can play a major part in helping people with mental ill health to recover. Through IPS we support people who want to return to mainstream employment by working with them to define their employment goals and help them with job searching. We work closely with individuals and employers to continue to provide support once people have found work.;

We work with organisations such as local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups to provide IPS to people, reducing reliance on health and social care.

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