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Starting a new job after a period of unemployment or returning to work after some time on sick leave can mean changes in the way you manage your money. You may be moving from benefits into paid employment and need to plan how this change may affect your money. Alternatively, you may be starting your first job and need support to manage your money for the first time.

Moving from benefits to work

If you have been on benefits and are moving to being a paid employee, there is support available from your local Jobcentre Plus. They can advise on how your benefits may change and if you are entitled grants. Starting work doesn’t mean all of your benefits have to stop but there may be changes. It’s a good idea to check before you begin your new job.

Managing your money for the first time

If you are starting working for the first time we have a series of videos that cover everything you need to know about managing your money:

Making debt manageable


Basic bank accounts

Universal credit

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