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Pre-employ is a structured and unified approach to work placements – giving employers and candidates the opportunity to see how they fit into the business. The programme usually includes an element of pre-placement and workplace learning.


  • Bespoke programmes can be designed and implemented to an employer’s needs including:
    • the length of placement
    • whether placements are ‘paid’ or not
    • tailoring it to specific candidate groups.
  • All necessary candidate checks are carried out as part of the selection process.
  • We carry out a significant percentage of the up-front candidate assessment as part of the development programme.
  • The candidates’ job readiness and stage of potential employability is assessed prior to and throughout the placement.
  • The employer can employ the candidate at the end of the placement.


  • It’s an excellent way to build disability confidence within the organisation.
  • Significant cost savings, as employers can see candidates in the workplace.
  • Reduces recruitment associated risks and the programme can be tailored to their current recruitment model.
  • Increased productivity and staff retention due to candidates having the opportunity to learn the role and demonstrate their ability.
  • Helps employers fulfil their CSR and SROI objectives.
  • An excellent PR opportunity as pre-employ programmes can be branded bespoke to the employer.
  • It is measurable. Programmes provide detailed management information, so that  employers can monitor the programme’s performance.
  • Builds disability confidence within the organisation.
  • Attracts a wider pool of candidates, thus helping to meet their CSR agenda.
  • It’s unique to the employer and can be flexed to meet their needs.
  • Can reduce ‘office politics’. Evidence shows that existing teams focus on providing support to candidates, helping to pull the team together.
  • Provides sustainability as any initial work placement concerns can be addressed as part of the placement.
  • It’s a fantastic recruitment and selection opportunity with access to a wider pool of candidates.
  • Candidates demonstrate increased productivity once employed as they already understand the role and company expectations.
  • Supports the recruitment of a diverse workforce, and reflects the communities it serves.
  • Can strengthen bids where employers are looking to increase their business or look for funding.
  • Supports employers’ CSR and SROI agendas.
  • Raises the company’s profile.
  • If embedded as part of the recruitment process, it can significantly reduce the time it takes to recruit.
  • Can support the development and/or recruitment of specific cohorts of candidates.