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Record details

Name Address Coventry and Warwickshire Mind Wellington Gardens, Windsor Street, Spon End, Coventry CV1 3BT
Telephone number 02476 017209
Email address
Contact Name Tania Miller
Description of Services Coventry and Warwickshire Mind has almost 50 years of supporting people experiencing mental health issues via a variety of specialised services: IAPT in partnership with the Partnership TrustDay Services where we offer individualised support sessions via Pathfinder and Counselling as well as group courses and workshops aimed at improving knowledge, skills and coping strategies around managing mental healthFloating Support Service where we support 140 people in the community at any one timeHousing Support Service where we offer 110 supported accommodation places Intensive Recovery Support Service (IRSS) offers intensive mental health support both within the community and at our base at Harry Salt House where we currently have 12 individual flats.Children’s services (IPMHS, Reach, Journeys)
Eligibility Criteria Coventry and Warwickshire postcodes only
Is your provision contract specific No
Waiting times Depending on the service required and the capacity of the service at the time of referral; this can range from a week to 6 weeks.
Cost of Services Please refer to organisation on booking
Payment terms for chargeable productsservices invoiced for services prior to commencing a course or block of counselling sessions.
Accessibility Freely accessible premises ( ground floor access)
Disability Health and Wellbeing Mental Health, Counselling and Therapy, Wellbeing and Lifestyle, Anger Management
Housing Homelessness
Looking for Work Confidence and Motivation
Money Welfare Benefits