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Name Address Aspident, Unit 2, 2 Park Cross Street, Leeds, LS1 2QH
Telephone number 07717404846
Email address
Contact Name Jen Blacow
Description of Services Aspident is a small company seeking to grow. We have been going a year and feedback from customers has been extremely positive. We have done some free consultancy/mentoring with people with Autism which has enabled us to test our innovative ways of looking at Autism with Autistic people. The aims of Aspiedent are to: 1. To provide training, consultancy and support to organisations who either work with people with Autism or employ people with Autism. 2. To provide work related and work based services to people with autism. To include assessments, social skills training, and training for employers. 3. To provide meaningful work experience opportunities to people with Autism to use the qualifications, skills and experience they possess as a stepping stone to finding appropriate employment. We feel that companies in Yorkshire are more likely to embrace employees with Autism if they can see examples where there is clear added value in employing them. All our training is delivered by people with Autism who have the ability to read research papers on the topic and who are able to think about Autism in innovative ways. They are able to provide both their own first-hand experience and bring to life the experiences of others. The main trainer has a teaching qualification and fully embraces the need for exercises and visuals such as cartoons, which we design. We have developed a (simple) novel mathematical model of Autism that has been well received and which we use when thinking about Autism to make sure that we have included the whole spectrum. We have been reading research papers and other publications about Autism and related subjects and constructing a developmental model of Autism that will increase understanding of Autism amongst professionals and others. We have been developing a novel Autistic-centred approach to social skills training. This starts with helping participants to understand how they are different from the -typical world. We have done analysis to try to describe what the main issues are for people with Autism. This has led to the invention of novel terms such as “social oil lies” and “verbal stroking” to describe some of the communication and relationship building issues faced by those with Autism. These terms have been tested on both Autistic and non-Autistic people to great effect. We would like to set up businesses that employ people with Autism. These will provide a step up service between day care activities and main-stream employment. There is currently no such service, but it is sorely needed. In the meantime we hope to be able to employ other people with Autism, some on short term contracts to encourage them to move on, or at the very least offer work experience. In the long term, Aspident aims to provide an incubation centre to support people with Autism become self-employed or to set up their own businesses. Key parts of this will be to provide support with marketing, PR, and customer services.
Opening Hours Monday - Friday 10.00am - 5.30pm
Eligibility Criteria No specific criteria required.
Is your provision contract specific no
Waiting times 1 - 2 weeks
Cost of Services Charegeable
Payment terms for chargeable productsservices 2 weeks
Accessibility no issues
Advice Guidance and Advocacy General advice and guidance, Specialist advice and guidance
Disability Health and Wellbeing Learning disabilities and/or difficulties. long term health condiditons
In Work Job coaching
Looking for Work Confidence and motivation, Employability skills, Communication skills, Careers advice
People Children and Families Young peoples services, Mentoring and befriending