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Name Address Money Advice Service, c/o Remploy Ltd, 1st Floor, Mansion House, Wellington Road South, Stockport, SK1 3UA
Telephone number 07435752928
Email address
Contact Name Paul Bavill
Description of Services Face to Face Money Advice Service Set up by government we offer a free, impartial, private & confidential service delivered by a trained Money Adviser on an organisations site(s), on a one to one basis in private meeting rooms. As we have no products to sell we are totally impartial and our Money Advisers role is essentially to help individuals make informed choices around financial matters. The service includes some broad topic areas - from helping with debt and budgeting to providing advice & guidance on benefits, pensions, mortgages, and savings & investments. We are also able to offer advice around key life events such as having a baby, divorce and separation, redundancy and financial aspects of providing for care. Each face to face session typically lasts 30/45 minutes. Examples of what we can discuss are below but this is not an exhaustive list. Credit and borrowing:• Credit reports, information recorded and steps to improve• Borrowing in cheapest way possible, pay day lender alternatives• Priority & Non priority debts what are the differences & implications not maintaining• Bailiff rights & rules, referral free help Budgeting • Preparing and advising on using Budget Planner, organising finances to avoid problems• Managing money shopping around for best deals on utilities etc• Complaints process for energy / telephone / banking • How to find and open an account, identification required alternative current accounts Credit Unions• Direct Debits, Standing orders, understanding differences paying bills options• Payment protection insurance (PPI) claims and resolving grievances. Benefits: • Likely entitlements, eligibility and application process - DLA & PIP, Working Tax Credits, and Universal Credit.• Charitable Grants Illness & Disability where needed. Employment: • New to Working in UK understanding Tax, NI, student loan deductions, payslips, tax codes paperwork required P46s & P45s, childcare support• Self-employment considerations responsibilities, financial support and help getting started. Housing Issues: • Support Mortgage Interest (SMI) / housing benefit• Help if at risk of losing your home where to go for help & support• Re mortgage, help with rent and council tax Redundancy: • Out of work check-list things to do if lost job.• Tax implications• Review of budget & financial circumstance, due to drop in income job loss circumstance change. Managing debt after job loss/ redundancy & pensions: • State pension eligibility, private pension, lost pensions, frozen pension• Automatic pension enrolment in work, your considerations employers responsibilities, putting way for retirement• Pension entitlements Family: • New baby, £500 Sure Start Maternity Grant, Healthy Start, Child benefit, tax credits etc• Divorce & separation, dealing with care, death• Moving home
Opening Hours 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday depending on opening hours of the premises used.
Eligibility Criteria Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an appropriate adult.
Is your provision contract specific No
Waiting times Any waiting time will only depend on the frequency of the arranged sessions in branches.
Cost of Services F.O.C.
Payment terms for chargeable productsservices N/A
Accessibility All accessibility audits are put in place by host organisation.
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