Directory of Services - Sifa Fireside, 48-52 Allcock Street, Digbeth,Birmingham, B9 4DY | Remploy

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Record details

Name Address Sifa Fireside, 48-52 Allcock Street, Digbeth,Birmingham, B9 4DY
Telephone number 0121 766 1700
Email address
Contact Name Lynn Evans
Description of Services SIFA Fireside was formed in 2007 through the merger of two well established Birmingham charities: SIFA (Supporting Independence from Alcohol) set up in 1982, and the Fireside Charity set up in 1983. In combination we have been delivering services for over 30 years.Sifa Fireside is a multi-disciplinary social welfare organisation dedicated to providing holistic support to clients who are/have been homeless including rough sleepers across a range of issues including training/employment advice referrals for housing, welfare rights and other types of support
Opening Hours Drop in timesMon-Fri 09:00-10:30 Breakfast 12:00-12:45 LunchSat-Sun 10:30-11:30 Tea & Coffee
Eligibility Criteria Open to those who are classed as homeless, threat of homelessness or who have been homeless
Is your provision contract specific No
Waiting times To be advised
Cost of Services No Charge
Payment terms for chargeable productsservices N/A
Accessibility No Accessibility issues, Ground floor access
Disability Health and Wellbeing Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Counselling and Therapy, Social Activities and Groups
Housing Homelessness, Finding A Home/Moving Home
Looking for Work Job Search and Application, Voluntary and Work Experience Placements, Careers Advice, Employability Skills
Money Welfare Benefits, Debt
People Children and Families Offenders and Ex-Offenders