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Record details

Name Address Real Lives CIC , 1 Church Square, Nottingham NG7 1SL
Telephone number 07772 127691
Email address
Contact Name Poppy Repper
Description of Services We are a not for profit community interest company called Real Lives where we have a team of experienced workers who offer support to people through personal budgets, our café and gallery, groups, food parcels and suspended meals. We have the environment to provide a friendly and accessible space within our café where people can access support or just an affordable meal. We also employ people with mental health challenges and have a number of years experience in supporting people manage their wellness and their job.
Opening Hours Mon - Friday 9 - 5pm
Eligibility Criteria 18+
Is your provision contract specific None Specific
Waiting times 1 week (approx)
Cost of Services Depending on service requirements. P.O.A
Payment terms for chargeable productsservices We will invoice the day placement starts and would like payment 14-28 days later.
Accessibility Full access
Advice Guidance and Advocacy General Advice and Guidance
Disability Health and Wellbeing Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Difficulties, Long Term Health Conditions and Pain Management
Education Skills and Training Skill Building
In Work Job Coaching
Looking for Work Confidence and Motivation, Voluntary and Work Experience Placements, Employability Skills
Money Food Banks