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Record details

Name Address Nottinghamshire Deaf Society, NG1 7BQ
Telephone number 0115 9700516
Email address
Contact Name Frances Connor
Description of Services Provision of a range of services to meet the needs of Deaf/ Acquired Deafness. We have a community centre base that is culturally appropriate for this client group. Rooms can also be booked at a reasonable charge and we have in house catering. All income generated supports the activities of NDS.
Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9-5
Eligibility Criteria Non specific
Is your provision contract specific Not Contract specific
Waiting times Interpreting – more notice the more chance of meeting the date and time
Cost of Services POA
Payment terms for chargeable productsservices 30 Days
Accessibility Fully accessible
Advice Guidance and Advocacy Specialist Advice and Guidance
Disability Health and Wellbeing Hearing/Visual/Speech Impaired
In Work In Work Support, Job Coaching
Looking for Work Communication
Money Welfare Benefits, Debt
People Children and Families Interpreters