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Record details

Name Address Autism East Midlands,S80 4AJ
Telephone number 01909 506678
Email address
Contact Name Mair Dyer
Description of Services We are the largest specialist autism charity in the East Midlands and have been providing support to people affected by autism for over 45 years. Autism East Midlands offers a wide range of specialist services which are designed to support people affected by autism throughout their lives.
Opening Hours Monday - Friday office hours
Eligibility Criteria Age 18+
Is your provision contract specific Not Contract specific
Waiting times 2 weeks
Cost of Services POA
Payment terms for chargeable productsservices 30 Days
Accessibility Full Access
Advice Guidance and Advocacy Specialist Advice and Guidance
Disability Health and Wellbeing Learning Disabilities and Difficulties
Education Skills and Training Basic Skills
Looking for Work Confidence and Motivation, Communication, Job Search and Application, Voluntary and Work Experience Placements, Employability Skills, Interview Preparation