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Record details

Name Address Aspire-igen Group, Opportunity Centre, No 1 Eastgate, Leeds, LS2 7LY
Telephone number 01274 829400
Email address
Contact Name Stephanie Firth
Description of Services Aspire-i ltd acquired igen ltd in July 2014 to form the aspire-igen group. Aspire-i Ltd and igen Ltd are registered companies that operate under the aspire-igen banner The aspire-igen group has a combined history of 22 years. We work regionally and locally in partnerships, our main business activities are employability skills, careers guidance, education and skills development to support economic growth and encourage social mobility. Aspire-igen is a social enterprise, not for profit organisation, and any surpluses are used to develop the services provided to customers. We believe in:• Social inclusion and regeneration, because people are at the heart of everything we do.• Building partnerships, creating opportunities, improving lives and making things happen.• Supporting individuals and organisations with their learning and working journeys, providing careers advice, training, placements, recruitment services, redundancy counselling and much more• Providing high quality employability services to young people, adults and businesses in Bradford, Yorkshire and the Humber and Europe.Our aim is to increase the number of people in employment, improve skill levels and make a difference to people's lives, helping individuals, communities and business to succeed. We are:• A highly expert service to help individuals realise their potential;• A professional partner supporting businesses to develop their workforce to meet the challenge of the times;• A champion of local communities contributing to make neighbourhoods better places to live.
Opening Hours - 5 pm Monday - Friday
Eligibility Criteria None as such but each referral will be assessed individually.
Is your provision contract specific No
Waiting times To be enrolled onto a course asap due to availability.
Cost of Services Some courses may be chargeable.
Payment terms for chargeable productsservices 30 days
Accessibility All sites are accessible but Goole has some restrictions which would be looked at if the need arose.
Disability Health and Wellbeing Physical Mobility, Learning Disabilities and Difficulties
Education Skills and Training Training Providers, Skill Building, Basic Skills, I.T Skills, Vocational Qualifications
In Work Job Coaching
Looking for Work Confidence and Motivation, Communication, CV and Covering Letters, Job Search and Application, Voluntary and Work Experience Placements, Employability Skills, Interview Preparation
People Children and Families BME, Young Peoples Services, 50+, Lesbian/Bisexual/Gay/Transgender