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Record details

Name Address Upturn Enterprise Ltd Oldham OL8 4QQ
Telephone number 01616529000
Email address
Contact Name Anwar Ali
Description of Services We do this by delivering sustainable solutions that have a positive and long lasting impact upon the wider community.We have a vibrant community ethic generated by our multi-disciplinary team, drawn from both the public and private sectors, with extensive hands-on knowledge and experience of People, Enterprise, Training, Community and Business.Each of our service areas is directed by qualified staff which means we can rapidly pinpoint the issues to be addressed, devise the best solution, and bring to bear our strengths and connections as a social enterprise.This unorthodox approach, that we believe is unique, has resulted in a way of working that transcends sectors, questions traditional business norms and working practices and has enabled us to produce some extraordinary results.
Opening Hours 9am - 5pm
Eligibility Criteria No criteria as such but each case is assessed independently. Basic personal info is required and any support plans in place.
Is your provision contract specific No
Waiting times 1 week whilst we assess the case.
Cost of Services Chargeable
Payment terms for chargeable productsservices 30 days
Accessibility No problems with access audit.
Advice Guidance and Advocacy Specialist Advice and Guidance
Education Skills and Training Basic Skills, I.T Skills
Housing Finding A Home/Moving Home
In Work Job Coaching
Looking for Work Confidence and Motivation, Job Search and Application, Voluntary and Work Experience Placements, Employability Skills, Interview Preparation
Money Welfare Benefits
People Children and Families Parenting and Family Support, BME, 50+